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In the footsteps of pro cyclists

Bike racing in spring? There’s really only one place for it, and that’s Mallorca!
No other island has a more perfect infrastructure for cycling; so it’s no coincidence that many top European teams train here over the winter and spring in order to prepare for the new season. It is covered by a vast network of well developed side roads, mountain passes and rural roads, while other small and equally well developed back lanes lead us through the stunning, virtually car-free settings.

Coupled with this is the unique Mallorcan landscape, and a perfect infrastructure for triathletes and bike racers with consistent weather conditions.

No other sport is as well catered to on the island as bike racing.

We offer stunning tours with experienced scouts:

✓ We offer 8 different tours on Sat, Sun, Mon, Wed and Thu - whether you’re a family or a fully-fledged pro.
✓ The groups are led by experienced scouts, based on your physical fitness. The scout controls the group in such a way that less conditioned participants can also keep up.

We set off together, and return to the hotel together!

Important: Grouping

Our group rides operate very simply. You can choose where you’d like to ride to on the day of departure.




Ideal for preparing endurance, strength and speed (marathon riders, triathletes etc.)
120 – 160 km


The group requires a certain degree of physical fitness. Optimum training plan to improve endurance and strength.
100 – 140 km


Anyone who enjoys riding into the mountains has come to the right place...
100 – 140 km


The perfect group for hobby riders preparing for bike marathons, but who also want to see a bit of the land and its people.
90 – 120 km


See the finest sides of Mallorca. The tours are enhanced with extensive information on culture, the land and its people.
70 – 100 km


A completely different way of experiencing Mallorca. Stunning landscapes and tracks will show you places people wouldn’t normally see.
60 – 90 km

Bon vivants

Enjoy the stunning island and its attractions.
50 – 70 km

Take it easy

Perfect for beginners wanting to familiarise themselves with the area around Alcudia.
30 – 50 km


For your own safety, we require that helmets be worn on group excursions!

Route maps are available from our shop. They are not included in the cycling package!

Cost per ride € 7,50

If you do not end up participating in a ride, you will of course have your money refunded.
Rides are exclusively available to bike friends customers.




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